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A Ministry of Christian Healing 
St. David's - Capital Area Community
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 The Healing Light of Christ
 Prayer and Meditation

The type of meditation we will be using here today is a form of healing meditation. In this meditation you will get in touch with the deeper wisdom of your body.  Here it is possible to have a positive effect on the cells of your body and foster healing. Basic instructions for this form of meditation will be given below:

 First a word about stress:  Many modern day illnesses are caused by the stress of modern life. When we push ourselves to do more in less time we bypass the normal rhythms of our body. The body was made to take a break many times throughout the day.  To maintain health we need to allow our minds and bodies to rest at least twice a day for about 20 minutes each.


Before you can meditate you must relax, first your body and then your mind.

Find a quiet place, a comfortable chair. It is best to keep your feet on the floor and your back and neck straight. Close your eyes. Think about your body, starting at your feet and working up. Focus on each part of your body starting with your feet. Tell yourself that you are becoming calm and relaxed, as you focus on that part of your body and allow yourself to just let go. You can often feel the tension in that body part draining away as you sense yourself becoming calmer and calmer. Do this slowly through each group of muscles, work up the front of your legs, calves, thighs, buttocks, abdominal area, back, arms, shoulders, neck and then the muscles in your face, around your ears, eyes, forehead, scalp… and then a total letting go and sinking deep into the calm, ... relaxing, ... feeling the peace of this place, this time … letting go of all thoughts and just resting in peace, comfort, tranquility, love.  

Healing Sounds:
The above can be done in silence. For many people who are new at this, some soft soothing music can be helpful. Just rest in the music, the calming peace… and know that healing is yours, as each cell of your body is bathed in the music, in the calmness, refreshing and renewing your entire being. 

After you have put yourself into a totally relaxed state, using the above methods, you can facilitate healing by doing the following:    

Pray: "Lord Jesus be with me now. My Lord and my God, let me know the power of Your Love as you send your healing light to me now. Surround me with your Love and Your Peace as I put my trust in you.

Then do the following:

With each breath you breathe in, visualize a white healing light coming into your body. See this light going to each cell of your body; cleansing, renewing, and restoring each cell to total health. And as you exhale, see the sickness and disease leaving your body as the light going out is tinged with darkness.  As you progress, the light that you are exhaling becomes lighter, whiter. Keep doing this exercise until both the light you are breathing in and the light you are exhaling are totally white, pure white light.  Breathing in the healing light, breathing out the healing light.  Know, with that deep sense of knowing, that you are becoming renewed, restored, and healed.  Health and wellness is yours. The Love of Jesus surrounds you, enfolds you, and brings you to total wholeness.   

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